original watercolor framed $200

Art always has a story behind it. I was graciously excepted into the 13 woman art show in Bentonville. Here is what this show is about: Great ideas are contagious.
They always seem to spill over and spark others to begin thinking in a bigger and broader way… and that ignites more ideas. Ideas are a powerful thing.
We have Geena Davis and the Bentonville Film Festival to thank as the idea catalysts for the WomanMade:NWA show. During the 2015 inaugural festival, I heard Ms Davis speak about the festival’s initiatives of bringing the work of women and minority lmmakers to the forefront so their unique perspective and voice could be shared.
The commentary sparked a personal connection with me. As an artist myself, I know that creative work is shaped by the lens that we each look through. I began thinking about my own point-of-view as an artist and the in uence of being a woman in my own art practice. I also wondered about other creative women – what was in influencing their creative work and what were they thinking about?
Knowing Northwest Arkansas is rich with creative talent, the idea formed to gather a diverse group of local creative women for an exhibition where they could share their work, story, and influences.
We asked the artists to submit a piece that represented their “signature” creative work or, optionally, explore a topic, symbol, or idea that comes from a uniquely female perspective. In the show, you will see both approaches.
Expanding the borders of a traditional art show and the definition of an
“artist” was an important element in the show as well. In the show our “artists” span the disciplines of ne art painting, fashion design, glassmaking, writing, sculpture, photography, and performance.
It has been such an honor to be part of a community that is growing artistically and expanding in its creative boundaries. Many thanks to the women in the show who are sharing their work, to Story Gallery for embracing the show concept, and to Ms Davis and the Bentonville Film Festival for their vision in bringing an expansive point-of-view
to our region.
Heidi Carlsen-Rogers

The location to go see these pieces in person is here.

Here is the “story” with my piece, an original watercolor of two pears and an apple. In my curvaceous series, “The Women We Love”, I celebrate women, their unique beauty inside and out while honoring their colorful personalities with my bright and happy colors. Bringing to mind those women in our lives who have helped “shape” us into the people we are today. This piece is one of the beginning paintings from this series which began for me in 2010.

As women our bodies are often compared to apples or pears, which is the subjects in this series. Women often get too caught up in their outer appearance and its “flaws”, wishing they were taller, shorter, thinner, more curves, less curves,..on and on. Our thinking can steal our gratitude, confidence and mindfulness to be present with those in our midst. I want to help remind us women to recall those women we love and adore. Of course we do not hold them in high esteem because of their looks! It is their loving hearts and generous souls that they have graciously shared with us. So in honor of observing and embracing ourselves as we are, this series rejoices in all shapes!

I am a local artist who creates in many mediums however my focus is in watercolors and collage. I do commission work and am honored to paint a portrait of someone’s home or family. I sell my original art and giclee’s through my booth at the Fayetteville Farmers Market, social media and word of mouth. I also am grateful to teach classes in my local community, year round. It thrills me to be able to pass on the joy behind the paintbrush to those who participate in my classes.

My creative work flows out of what excites, thrills and captures me. I am visually stimulated. The presentation of dancing light, interesting shadows, intriguing compositions, and contrasting elements stir the creative energy in me. This creative energy happens to me behind my camera lens, while cooking a meal, wrapping a package, beautifying my home and yard and of course in my hands with art materials of all kinds.

As a woman I am more intuitive and spontaneous than men. My memories are more connected to relationships and emotions, rather than activities. Women have four times as many brain cells (neurons) connecting the right and left side of their brain. Women have more efficient access to both sides of their brain and therefore greater use of their right brain. Women can focus on more than one problem at one time and frequently prefer to solve problems through multiple activities at a time. All of these things direct my creative thinking, how I see the world, interact with it, problem solve and ultimately form my ideas and decisions. Through this womanly influence and how God uniquely made me impacts my creative vision. The way I interpret Gods beautiful canvas that is all around me is through this womanly lens. His stunning display in nature with endless, ever-changing colors, show stopping landscapes, awe-inspiring trees, breathtaking bodies of water and the imaginativeness in His people inspires me through my female filters.  To see more of my art in this series, go here.