I have some basic supplies I I recommend for watercolor painting.

The most important tool is excellent quality paper.  Do not use student grade paper even though you are a student!  The paper does not react well with watercolor techniques which can lead to frustration, not typical results and poor habits in technique.  You are not doing yourself any favors by buying student grade paper!

Please use “Arches” brand watercolor paper.  My most commonly used weight is 140# cold press.  It comes in a 90# and a 300# as well.  The hot press is smooth.  I prefer the bit of texture/tooth in the cold press.  They also make a rough texture which is even more tooth.  Along with this paper I like to use “Cheap Joe’s” , goof proof, watercolor notecard sets for creating notecards.  By the way Cheap Joe’s online store is a fantastic economical place to buy art supplies.  They also have learning videos and tips on their resources link on their site. 

Next up is paint.  For starters, use the “prang” double set.  I do not recommend using the white or the back that are in the set though.  I have much more to say about paint and if your wanting more details go  “here” for much more details about paint. 

Paintbrushes.  Use any brush that is recommended for use with watercolors.  Synthetic, natural hair or a blend is fine.  I like a large round (12) and a more detail round (6 or 8)  and then a flat brush in 1/2″ and 1″  A few other helpful brushes to have on hand to lift our some “mistakes” are a set of scrubber brushes. (try to use these as a last resort as they can tear up your paper)

I tape down my watercolor paper to foam core board, using inexpensive masking tape.

masking fluid is another helpful tool to retain the whites of the paper in detail areas.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these supplies.

the basic supplies in list form:

  1. Arches brand watercolor paper
  2. watercolor paintbrushes large round (12-14)and small round (8-10).  1/2″ flat and 1″ flat
  3. masking tape
  4. foam core board
  5. paper towels
  6. rags
  7. two cups of water