the value of value

the value of value

This week in my classes that I am teaching at The Art Location we are focusing on value.  I admit I am still a student of value myself.  So this lesson is for me and those in my class.  The virtual instructor gives us a good definition here: Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.21.31 AM

value can also be a part of describing atmosphere in a landscape or any painting that has shapes or subjects behind a main subject.  The “Helpful Art Teacher”  Has described it very well here:

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.27.27 AM

click here to find out more about what is going on.


Now an interesting twist in watercolors is that you do not typically use white or black to lighten or darken a color.  Not using black or white watercolor paint is to be a “purest” watercolorist.  To increase the colors to a high key value you just add more water and less pigment.  See the note in this link about white paint in watercolors and how it changes the transparency.

I will end with an example of a  high key painting of mine…image

abstracts-looking ahead

abstracts-looking ahead

As abstracts are the theme around the corner in my current watercolor class.  I want to share some inspiration.  This artist, Patricia Lappin has some beautiful work.  I recommend checking out her website.  Read her “about the artist” page.  A quote from her website.

“I am still experimenting, doing small studies of an idea in several color schemes before deciding on the palette for the larger studio work.


Still learning, still curious, still growing in my art, I have moved from realism to abstracts to a more impressionistic style.  Hope you enjoy it all.”  Here are some examples of her abstract work.shamanred-and-blue-fusions-iiimountain-motif-in-red


collage in progress

collage in progress

In the theme of our collage class of “food and drink”  Here is my example.  My inspiration behind this collage is my special coffee mug.  It’s a  “just because”  gift from my daughter Brooke.  She thought it looked like me.

So here is the photo I took of it, I really like the surroundings of The Art Location Studio and the paint splashed table and my lipstick on the rim of the mug, very artsy:IMG_6487


To make the collage I squirted a gold acrylic paint in the middle of a wooden canvas and squirts of umber around the edges.  Then I spread the paint with a brush to cover the surface, while also scratching in some random strokes with the back of the paintbrush.  keeping the middle golden and edges brown.  After paint was dry I began placing my “pieces” to apply to the canvas in different arrangements until I liked the outcome.  On the left side, I used a torn dryer sheet for some texture. I glued down the pieces with modge podge. When that was dry,  I darkened the edges with a darker brown and wispy strokes.   After this layer dried, I put a turquoise crayoned edge, using a ruler, around the coffee mug photo.  I dotted pops of red to finish it off.  When all was dry I covered the whole surface with a final coat of modge podge.  And “ta da”, a personal collage to display.  I am looking forward to what the students will bring to work on this theme next week.

things I used to make this collage:

wooden cradled canvas 8 x 8″

acrylic paint

photos from myself and the internet



dryer sheet

modge podge






Are ya ready?

Are ya ready?

Morning classes of watercolor painting at The Nadine Baum Studio in Fayetteville.

Tuesdays from 10-noon

A six week course, beginning February 11th will take us to the week before spring break.  Last class being March 18th.  Call Joy to sign up. 479-571-2706Paint brushes on watercolor backdrop

What is Your Mantra?

What is Your Mantra?

dont quit

I found this article from an etsy blog.

“Inspirational Quotes for 2014”  It fell on fresh soil as seeds of inspiration for the upcoming collage theme for my classes beginning next week.  Our theme is “words/letters”  created into collage.  Possibiilities are endless.  I could do a whole 8 weeks just on this theme.  However in our course this winter it is only two weeks, then we move onto..

week  1 & 2: words / letters

week  3 & 4: food or drink inspiration

week  5 & 6: nature / creation

week  7 & 8: torn magazine collage portrait

No experience required.

join us!

Favorite quote or verse?

Favorite quote or verse?

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 11.02.03 AMA favorite quote or verse can be just the inspiration for your next collage.  I have so many quotes and verses that resonate with me.  One that I always go back to is:  “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.”  by C.S. Lewis  What is your favorite quote or verse?
The next two weeks in class at The Art Location we are working on “words” as our theme.  Starts tomorrow!  Not too late to join in. Call 443.4583

Studio 7

Studio 7

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 4.58.42 PM

2014 is here!  At Studio 7 in Rogers.  my classes begin next monday.


We are so very excited about all of the upcoming events and the opportunities the New Year brings!   This may be the most important year in your life-the one in which you took the leap, told fear to” take a hike!” and began your creative journey!  We all have something unique to express, isn’t it time to let your voice be heard?  We, at Studio 7, hope that 2014 is your year and it brings you all that your heart desires.





Adult painting classes provide a safe space with instruction to explore your own painting.  Media includes: oil, pastel, acrylic, drawing media, collage, encaustic, etc.  You can bring your own ideas or be guided by instructors.  Perfect for all levels from the absolute beginner looking for a place to start, to the professional looking for feedback and inspiration, and all levels in between.


Package deals:

Tim Tyler rates: $100 per month or $30 per session

Rates for all other instructors:  $80 for 4 (3 hour) sessions or $25 per session



Monday 9-12              Beth Woessner Watercolor

Tuesday 9-12         Tania Knudsen      All media

Tuesday 6-9pm         Judi Harrison         All media

Wednesday 9-12 Tania Knudsen         All media

Wednesday 12-3 Tania Knudsen         Drawing

Thursday 9-12         Tim Tyler         Oil




Join us Monday night, January 20th 6-9pm for figure drawing.  We will be working from the model primarily using charcoal.  All skill levels welcome.  $25

Monday begins new session of watercolor classes

Monday begins new session of watercolor classes

chair references

Our first two weeks in watercolor class will be paintings of a chair(s).  Haven’t you admired the message or feeling evoked from looking at a chair?  Either the familiarity of a family favorite chair, the invitation of a comfy chair lit up by a warm reading lamp, the relaxed feeling of seeing an adirondack begging you to sit in from a front porch, or…what other ideas for a watercolor “chair” paintings?  Maybe a chair style that takes you back to a particular era or decade???  Join us this week and next for creating your own compositions.  Bring your ideas and references.  Don’t bring in the whole chair, just a photo of it will do.  See you soon, friends!  Many art locations and times to choose from.  Check out the details on my classes link on my website.