In my curvaceous series, “The Women We Love”, I celebrate women, their unique beauty inside and out while honoring their colorful personalities with my bright and happy colors.

Bringing to mind those women in our lives who have helped “shape” us into the people we are today.

As women our bodies are often compared to apples or pears, which is the subjects in this series. Women often get too caught up in their outer appearance and its “flaws”, wishing they were taller, shorter, thinner, more curves, less curves,..on and on. Our thinking can steal our gratitude, confidence and mindfulness to be present with those in our midst. I want to help remind us women to recall those women we love and adore. Of course we do not hold them in high esteem because of their looks! It is their loving hearts and generous souls that they have graciously shared with us. So in honor of observing and embracing ourselves as we are,
this series rejoices in all shapes!