BETH WOESSNERI was born and raised in Southern California. Currently experiencing life’s moments – aiming for intention in my days in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

I thrill in any opportunity to create and design. Drawn to the dazzling unpredictable  surprises in the process of creating. The developing composition on  canvas is exciting. Placing color in unexpected arrangements is the joy behind the paintbrush. Marrying the elements of art is captivating.  Art reminds me to stop and be present. Experience life and art along with me. Journey on. Eyes and heart wide open.

Current works created in the platform of watercolor, collage and photography.  

I am a local watercolor and collage artist who is charged to bring more art into my life and yours!  You can find me online here on my website, EtsyInstagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. In person I am either in my home studio, the Fayetteville Farmers Market at my booth, teaching at The Art Location, or at my church working with the art ministry, Spectra.  A few days a week I am working at Briar Rose Bakery in Farmington, AR.

Places you are least likely to find me;  behind a vacuum or dust rag, at the gym, or on the golf course (sorry Joe).

My art frequently depicts subjects I love to colorfully capture and hold its beauty for the viewer. Whether I am celebrating women with all our individualism and unique beauty in my colorful series, “Women We Love” or my homes, restaurants and buildings that carry personal history for me or the viewer.  Inspiration is everywhere.  As a creative, exciting new ideas come to me all the time, like product moving way too fast on a conveyer belt.  Think of the I love Lucy episode when she is frantically trying to keep up with the candy coming to her on the conveyer belt.  The candy piles up and spills over as she can not put the candy into its boxes as fast as they are moving towards her.  that is pretty much me with all my exciting new ideas for art, classes and business opportunities. .